Credit for Prior Learning

Earn College Credit for What You Already Know!

澳门现金赌场网址大学 recognizes learning can be obtained through various means 和 wants to help you save time & 钱! Credit for Prior Learning at 澳门现金赌场网址大学 allows you the opportunity to earn college credits for the knowledge 和 skills you've acquired while in high school, 技术学院, 在工作中, or other life experiences.

Students who completed a Career Certificate program may be eligible to earn college credit 和 continue their education through the aligned Associate of Science degree program at 澳门现金赌场网址大学. 节省时间 & 钱.

Technical College Articulation Agreements

澳门现金赌场网址大学 awards credits for many certificates or licensures broadly recognized in the industry. Students who hold a current industry certification(s) or licensures may be eligible to receive college credit.

Industry Certification Articulation Agreements

澳门现金赌场网址大学 awards college credit for st和ardized examinations that document the required knowledge 和 competencies for one or more subject areas.


The 双录取 Program at 澳门现金赌场网址大学 (BC) is an accelerated program that allows eligible public/charter, 私人, 和 home school secondary students to take postsecondary coursework 和 simultaneously earn both high school 和 college credits, saving both time 和 钱.


Broward County Public School students who completed a Career 和 Technical program in Broward County Public High Schools may qualify for college credit towards an aligned Associate of Science degree program. Let 澳门现金赌场网址大学 save you time & 钱.

High School Articulation Agreements

The Prior Learning Assessment Program, developed primarily for working adults, is designed to recognize the academic value of what students have learned through experiences outside the college classroom.

Microcredentialing in Higher Education (MicroHE)

MicroHE is bridging the gap between real-world skills, 相关的教育, 和 regional dem和 for a skilled workforce.

  • Creating a framework with employers for awarding micro-credentialing/badging using industry certifications 和 prior learning assessments in the 信息 Technology, 供应链管理, 和 healthcare industries
  • Procuring an online platform for developing 和 awarding digital badges that can connect to other platforms such as LinkedIn 和 Indeed for job searches
  • Enhancing the process for awarding college credit for these micro-credentials that will accelerate participants' completion of a Technical Certificate or degree
  • Providing distance learning infrastructure in the 澳门现金赌场网址起来™/Opportunity Zone communities for access to workforce education 和 training, leading to these micro-credentials 和 giving them access to courses taught on the College's campuses


澳门现金赌场网址大学, 继续教育 programs are eligible for college credit towards an aligned Technical Certificate 和/or Associate of Science degree.

继续教育 to Degree


On aver年龄, students save between $1,222.00美元和3048美元.00 while attaining their degree!


On aver年龄, students save an aver年龄 of 2.5 to 13.9个月 of time while attaining their degree!


On aver年龄, students take an additional 19个学时!


Graduation rates are nearly 高22%!


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